dont be aguinea pig
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False Hype

Don't be fooled by the false hype.

You may hear people tell you that drugs like bath salt or Kratom are safe. Even drugs like Molly are often misreported as being not dangerous.

If you hear this, your friends aren't telling you the truth. And just because a well-known music star includes references to Molly or other drugs, it doesn't mean the singer has your safety in mind.

The reality is, trendy synthetic or designer drugs are just as dangerous or even more dangerous as any other major drugs like marijuana and cocaine. For one thing, no one knows for sure what's inside of them or where they are made – China, India, Wyoming, next door, who knows?

Think about it…if a product is being marketed to you as a bath salt just so it can be legally sold, there's something wrong there. Right?

You know these drugs carry health and addiction consequences that will stay with you for a long time. That is, if they don't send you to the hospital– or killyou – first.

Be smart. Don't believe the hype.

Don't be a guinea pig.


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