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Designer drugs should scare any parent.

But you aren’t powerless in keeping your teen away from them.

You are still the biggest influence in your child’s life. In fact, teens who learn about the risks of drugs and alcohol from their parents are up to 50% less likely to use them than those who do not.

So how do you prevent your child from experimenting with Molly, bath salts, Flakka, Kratom, and many other new drugs?

Here are a few steps to consider:

Build a warm and supportive relationship with your child. By being close, you’ll face less conflict when it comes to monitoring his or her behavior and social life. That’s done by:

-- Engaging in extracurricular activities with your child.
-- Maintaining low levels of anger when talking with your teen.
-- Allowing your child an appropriate degree of independence.

Be a good role model when it comes to drinking, taking medicine and handling stress. Research shows that when it comes to drugs, children are likely to model their parents’ behaviors. If you choose to drink alcohol, for instance, consume small amounts with a meal or during a celebratory occasion. Don’t become intoxicated in front of your children.

Know your child’s risk level.  Some teens are more at risk for developing a substance abuse problem than other teens, according to research. Family history of drug or alcohol problems, especially when it is the parent’s history, can place a child at increased risk for developing a problem. The same goes for a history of traumatic events, such as witnessing or experiencing a car accident or natural disaster or being a victim of physical or sexual abuse.

So don’t forget: you’re still the biggest influence in your child’s life. Talk and listen to your teen and be directly involved in his or her everyday world. That will position you in the right place to keep your child away from these dangerous drugs.  

Read more at Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.


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